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The only line of odour control products
that offer solutions in 3D:
Airborne, Surface & Sub-Surface

A new answer to an old problem
Eliminating foul odours has been a problem that dates back to at least 3,000 years ago when the ancient Egyptians were burning incense in tombs. Covering a bad odour with a more powerful one is known as masking. Unfortunately this is still the primary way many air deodorisers work today. The unique properties of Airicide mean that our products work differently.

Why are our products different…and better?
To maximize the effectiveness of our products we incorporated Airicide in the formulation. Why? Airicide changes the ‘geometry’ of a foul odour molecule. In doing this we change the perception of the odour & how it is recognised by your cilia.

3-Dimensional Odour Control
A line of odour control products that offers solutions in three dimensions; airborne, surface & sub-Surface. By operating in three dimensions, we are able to deal with any odour situation. If your current odour control products are only working in the air, they are missing the source of many odours. Bacteria living on or below the surface will continue to produce foul odours until they are destroyed.



Hi James,

The products are absolutely awesome, never use anything like it! The Bathroom Magic is truly that, my shower was in an appalling state and I went crazy with the product but needless to say I didn't need to use much because it was that effective but too late, I use half the bottle already so get ready for more orders :D. Love the Super Spray and Wipe, I use it for everything in the house. Last but not least, the fragrance of the product really appeals to me, it is not too strong and it is much more lasting and pleasant than all the other bathroom and general cleaning products out there. Wonderful!! Thanks heaps. I will be trying out the rest of products soon and I'll let you know how it goes. :D

BioEnzymes® is a Brisbane based, Australian owned company. We distribute three ranges of products, the BioProducts range of biological products, the AirX range for three dimensional odour control and superior disinfection and Enviro biodegradable cleaners and degreasers. Our aim is to provide products which exceed in performance using the greenest and where possible totally natural materials which balance performance with environmental responsibility.

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