About BioEnzymes® & BioProducts

BioEnzymes® Biological Products use all natural ingredients and when practical bacteria and enzymes to provide a 100% natural, non-toxic and safe means of solving difficult cleaning and maintenance problems. BioProducts use bacteria and enzymes which occur naturally in the environment to solve difficult problems associated with blockages and odours around the home, in pluming & septic tanks, lift wells and sewage systems. Our bacterial formulations get to the places you can’t and remove the source of the problem while you do something else!

We regularly update our formulations and continually asses our bacterial strains as new technology becomes available. The aim is to make products as effective and as environmentally responsible as possible.

We also supply a range of Zeoilte products for chemical spills and oil clean up, stock feed additives and filtration, please call us for more details about our Zeolite range.