About The Enviro Product Range

The ENVIRO product range has been formulated using the latest technology to deliver superior performance while also addressing demands from today’s enviro-conscious consumers. Our products satisfy the most stringent safety procedures and conservation requirements.

Chemicals and the Environment

There is a growing recognition among consumers that the products they choose can have a significant impact on the environment, both in the workplace and in the community. As Australians we are all acutely aware of the importance of looking after our fresh water, flora & fauna. Unfortunately, some of the chemicals we use everyday can cause serious harm to us and the environment, particularly our waterways.

ENVIRO products contain none of the following chemicals that are commonly used in detergents and cleaners:
Sodium Tripoly Phosphates (otherwise known as STPPs)
• synergistic builders that have been widely used because they are cheap and highly effective
• a major cause of blue-green algal blooms and other environmental problems choking Australian waterways.
Petroleum Hydrocarbons (including kerosene and turpentine)
• predominantly derived from oil
• petroleum hydrocarbon fluids possess health and safety concerns that result from: human exposure, flammability and the potential impact on air quality, including the ozone layer.
Chlorinated Solvents (including TCA and TCE)
• long-term health effects including liver and kidney damage and an increased risk of cancer
• like petroleum hydrocarbons, they are VOCs and also Class 1 Ozone Surfactants
• used to reduce surface tension and allow aqueous solutions to spread and penetrate more easily
• many of these chemicals harm aquatic life and can act synergistically with other chemicals in our aquatic environment to produce negative environmental effects
• Other chemicals commonly used in cleaning products include carcinogens (cause cancer), mutagens (cause mutations) and teratogens (cause birth defects) It reads like a horror story doesn’t it?

Fortunately both consumers and manufacturers are becoming more aware of these environmental hazards. There are now choices available that reduce the environmental impact of cleaning by replacing these chemicals with non-harmful alternatives.

ENVIRO products use the latest technology to develop high-performance cleaning products with minimal environmental impact. We continually review our manufacturing processes and ingredients to ensure that our product range meets the high demands of today’s consumer.