The BioEnzymes® Green Commitment

At BioEnzymes, we have taken on the challenge of developing products that not only offer maximum performance in the home and workplace but also present minimal risk to people and the environment. Gone are the days when any old chemical will do the job. Now consumers insist that products not only clean effectively and quickly but are also environmentally safe.

We are not willing to compromise on the quality and performance of our products, we have developed and distribute the greenest possible products, which perform in the harshest conditions but without the harmful effects of traditional cleaning products.
Our products represent the best possible cleaning solutions, that will minimize the cost, risk and environmental impact while still maximizing performance.

Keeping abreast of technology is extremely important and products are constantly updated. This applies to all areas of production, to reduce the freight component, products are highly concentrated. Dilution rates for effective use are recommended and with most products having many uses, depending on dilution, this reduces inventory.

The aim is to provide highly concentrated, highly biodegradable products that are very efficient.
For a full product description for each range, MSDS & Product Sheets please click on the relevant BioEnzymes®, AirX or ENVIRO products tabs above.
BioProducts – Building on Biology
BioProducts use all natural ingredients and where practical bacteria and enzymes to provide a 100% natural, non-toxic and safe means of solving difficult cleaning and maintenance issues.
AirX - World Leaders in Odour Control and Disinfection
AirX products have been the choice for cleaning professionals worldwide for their solutions to total odour control, superior disinfection and facilities maintenance for over 30 years. Originating in America the AirX brand now has distributors all over America, in Europe , Scandinavia , Denmark and the list goes on. Now AirX is available in Australia through BioEnzymes and its appointed distributors.
ENVIRO - Built for the Environment
ENVIRO biodegradeable cleaners and degreasers have been formulated using the latest technology to deliver superior performance while also addressing demands from today’s enviro-conscious consumers. Our products satisfy the most stringent safety procedures and conservation requirements.
Are you prepared this flu season ?
Use an AirX disinfectant, registered to kill the toughest germs this flu season. Watch this Short Video from American ABC News about AirX Neutral Disinfectant (AIRX44 ACE) & how it is registered to kill Swine Flu and other resilient virus.
Trade Waste Approvals
For Septic & Sewer Applications of our Bacterial Products
Recycle where possible, dispose of waste thoughtfully.
Respect the environment.