a picture of a degreaser
• Environmentally friendly and biodegradable, water based degreaser
• Specially formulated for the removal of heavy grease & oil
• Formulated with naturally derived ingredients that degrade rapidly
• User friendly, water based degreaser with no known hazardous
decomposition products
• Poses none of the transport, storage & handling problems associated with
petroleum hydrocarbon based degreasers
• Ideally suited for the cleaning & degreasing of heavy machinery, mining
equipment, immersion cleaning, the removal of heavy grease & oil, cleaning
of contaminated concrete floors, in parts washers & as a solvent in
ultrasonic cleaning machines
• Suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas
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picture of vehicle wash chemicals
• Completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly vehicle wash
• Phosphate free & contains no caustic soda or solvents which are
undesirable from a safety or environmental aspect
• Formulated with an advanced surfactant called Traffic Film Remover (TFR)
• TFR works synergistically with standard detergents to cut through dirt,
oil & grease
• Also incorporates a unique surfactant to assist in grease cutting & to
promote free rinsing
• Boosted with corrosion inhibitors & water softening agents for hard water
• Formulation eliminates static build-up on paint work to reduce dirt pick-up
• Highly concentrated for economical but efficient cleaning
• Ideally suited for cleaning earth moving equipment, mine & road trucks,
fleet washing & cars, buses & vans
• The product to use in areas of high dirt pick-up & where corrosion is
a problem
• Fantastic on metalic paints
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picture of enviro cleaner chemicals
• Versatile, yet ‘green’, multi-purpose cleaning product
• An economical cleaner & broad spectrum sanitizer that effectively kills
mould & mildew
• Contains vegetable oil surfactants & phosphate free water conditioners &
• Boosted with a special ingredient which provides sanitizing power up to
dilutions of 1:30
• Fulfils most cleaning operations at the appropriate concentration
• Cleans concrete, cleans & sanitizes washrooms & toilets, cleans & sanitises
all kitchen surfaces, cleans carpets & upholstery, spot cleans laundry, cleans
glass, walls & floors
• Eliminates multiple products, avoids confusion & saves the cost of carrying
large range of cleaners
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• Environmentally friendly, biodegradable hand cleaner
• Contains mild abrasives for heavier hand cleaning
• Completely petroleum hydrocarbon free
• Contains natural ingredients such as d-limonene (orange oil)
• Skin conditioners & moisturisers with anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties
assist in the prevention of dermatitis caused by the removal of natural oils
• Hands are left feeling smooth & supple & with a pleasant citrus fragrance
• Ideal for mining & industrial use, including garages & any area where
frequent hand cleaning is required to remove heavy soils off hands
• Heavy duty wall mounted stainless steel dispensers available for ease of dispensing.  
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