Click here http://www.jancast.com/ for all the latest information in the cleaning industry from around the world with the JANCAST podcast page from Bullen AirX, the parent company of AirX in America. Here you will find interesting information about the latest AirX products as well as all the existing ones, techniques and information about the latest equipment being used. Also reports from trade shows and cleaning conventions from around the world, it is constantly updated so keep an eye out for new information.

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Mark and Scott cover cleaning & sanitation from all different perspectives. We talk about the lastest trends and potential new and old technologies to help keep the world clean and sanitary. Follow our links on delicious.com/jancast 32:10 minutes recorded on 1/13/2012

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Mark and Scott talk about the latest news and innovations in infectious control. We also cover amusing news about theft of flushing units and Tide Laundry detergent and much more. 33:46 minutes recorded on 3/14/2012